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Everything Your Website Needs To Sell Online, Out of the Box!
Snap Ecommerce comes with a multitude of advanced store features to turn your website into a fully-encompassing selling tool. No programming or design is needed. Everything is ready to go! You can start selling in no time, charge your shipping rates, accept credit cards and/or PayPal payments safely and securely, offer promotions and much more.
  • You get virtually all the bells and whistles found in more expensive ecommerce applications
  • Cool and unique features to help you sell quickly and easily
  • Complete shopping cart features
  • Quick and user-friendly checkout
  • Support for multiple currencies and for several languages
  • Sell downloadable goods such as music, ebooks, etc.
  • And much more!
Sell Anything: Products, Events, Services and Downloads
You aren’t limited to selling just tangible products with Snap Ecommerce. You can sell digital downloads, event tickets, services and more.

Easily import your existing products or add them one at a time using a simple product form.

You can sell one item, or thousands. Whether you have a single product to sell, or a full collection of multi-faceted products, Snap Ecommerce will help you sell quickly and easily.
Simple Store Management
Snap Ecommerce comes with a complete, user-friendly control panel that makes it easy and fast for you to manage your online store and keep it up to date.
  • Easily add products to your store
  • Add multiple images for each product
  • Organize products in categories and subcategories
  • Create promotions, discount coupons and other offers
  • Setup your own tax rules
  • Accept multiple currencies
  • Setup flat rate shipping fees, or connect with a shipping carrier such as FedEx for real-time shipping calculations
  • Manage inventory
  • Manage orders
  • Interact with your customer
  • And much, much more!
Generate More Sales
We give you the features you need to grow your sales.

Snap Ecommerce was specially built with tools and features that can help you increase conversions and turn more visitors into loyal, happy customers.

Our ecommerce experts have optimized the customer’s experience so that your new online store can generate more sales. Your customers will enjoy a smooth enjoyable shopping experience, and they’ll keep coming back.
Accept Payments Securely
Snap Ecommerce makes getting paid easier than ever. Take payments through dozens of pre-integrated popular gateways such as, Moneris, Worldpay, BeanStream and many more. You can also set up multiple payment options for your shoppers to choose from, to ensure you never lose a sale.

Don't have a payment gateway? No worries. You can sign up for a free Paypal account or a free Stripe account, and start accepting payments within minutes.
Flexible Tax System
Snap Ecommerce gives you the ability to apply various types of tax rules so you can sell virtually anything, anywhere, and make sure the proper tax is applied. Use our user-friendly control panel to set up simple tax rates, or create more complex tax rules.
Set up and Customize Shipping
Add your own simple shipping rates or offer your customers real-time shipping quotes from popular shipping carriers like FedEx, UPS, USPS, Canada Post and more. You can also create shipping rates based on weight, order amount and much more.
Multiple Languages. Multiple Currencies
Let your customers shop in the currency of their choice. Snap Ecommerce supports over 50 different currencies. You can easily manage your currency conversion rates and preferences from within your control panel.

And that's not all! You can also set up your store to sell in English, French or Spanish, and more languages will be added soon. It’s a growing global marketplace, why not seize the opportunity!
Manage Performance
See exactly how your store is performing, over any period of time, and any geographic location.

The endless list of analytic tools includes:
  • Visits & unique visitors
  • Page views
  • Average visit duration
  • Bounce rate
  • Complete traffic source analysis
  • Product performance analysis
These reports and statistics are simple to understand, and readily available for any period of time and location, right there at your fingertips in your Snap Ecommerce admin.

Friendly Support
Your satisfaction is our primary motivation. Have questions or need a little assistance? We’re there for you! Our experienced support staff will be happy to provide friendly assistance, and we’ll always do it with a smile! ;-)